November 23rd, 2022

Frontier at AABC 2022

Frontier and Delta ModTech are the perfect team for EV battery manufactures! Visit us in booth# 305

  • Learn how Frontier’s coating line can meet your need to be the best battery manufacturer
  • Learn how the partnership between Delta and Frontier can be the solution to your coating and converting needs


Frontier is an industry leader in manufacturing coating and drying machines, from our lab size Dynacoat® to building custom coaters to meet any specific needs. Delta recently posted about the battery market which is set to be a $300 billion industry by 2028, check out that article here. With that being the case, EV battery manufactures need to be prepared to produce at high levels by creating efficiencies and reducing costs to stay viable in the EV battery market. Frontier’s Dynacoat® is a great option for any lab that is looking to perfect their battery slurry or Frontier’s custom coaters are able to meet the needs of a gigafactory.

When it comes to battery manufacturing, the coating and drying anodes and cathodes is only part of the process. The partnership with Delta ModTech allows battery manufactures to get a coating machine proudly made in the USA, then get a converting machine from a reputable US based company. Delta’s converting machines can streamline die cutting the anodes and cathodes to then stacking them to minimize errors and create efficiencies helping any manufacturer increase profits and volume while still lowering risks.

Both Delta and Frontier will be on site at AABC in San Diego this December 5th-8th in booth# 305 . There will be engineers onsite to privately discuss your specific needs and how this partnership could be the solution to all of your problems.

Be sure to set a meeting with us if you plan to stop by so we can set aside some time to discuss your needs


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