Frontier’s Coating Lab

Your Partner in Coating Expertise.

Lab Services

Bring your materials and we’ll work out the problem areas, develop ways to improve the manufacturing of your products and reduce your risk.

Applications Research

Let us help you test different substrates and chemistries for your coating.

Process Development

Our engineers can help determine the best methods for manufacturing your product.

Product Improvement

Looking to optimize your parts? Our engineers will help evaluate your chemistries and substrates.

Problem Solving for:

  • Clean-Up Time Reduction
  • Solution Rheology
  • Yield Improvements
  • Coating Weight Variables
  • Short Runs
  • Time Dependent Coatings
  • Change-Over Time Reduction


Over 30 years of experience in the development and optimization of coating and drying applications.

In-house Pilot Coating Systems

Coating Laboratory Capabilities

Coating Station

Single, dual and triple layer coating

Stripe and patch coating

Coating thickness:  2 micron to 1000 micron

Coating width: up to 13.5 inches (343 mm)

Servo controlled line speed

Corona Treating

Inter-leaf / cover-sheet laminating

Lab Equipment


Analytical balance

Thickness gauge measurement less than 1 micron

High power stereo microscope

Fluid % solids and density measurement


Flotation Oven System

Hot Air Impingement

Aqueous and VOC Solvent Compatible

Temperature Range: 100° F to < 400° F (37.3° C to > 204° C)

Oven length: 24 foot (7.3 M)


Two 12” x 18” (0.3 m x 0.46 m) 6.8 KW heaters

UV Curing

Fusion F300-6 UV lamp system

UV chill drum

Solution Delivery Systems

Aqueous and solvent compatible

Gear pump delivery

Progressive cavity pump delivery

Pressure pot delivery

Heating, Cooling and mixing capabilities

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