February 18th, 2019

ICE USA 2019

Frontier will feature a slot die coating demonstration at ICE USA in Louisville Kentucky.

See two live converting machine demonstrations at ICE USA on April 9-11, 2019 in booth 911. We will feature a DynaCoat® slot die demonstration. Delta ModTech will be co-located in booth 911 and will be featuring a Crusader Converter demonstrating precise manufacturing of a multilayered gasket. Delta ModTech and Frontier technical sales and design engineer representatives will be on hand and available for private meetings to discuss your toughest manufacturing challenges. Reserve a meeting time here.

Slot Die Coating and Drying Demonstration
The Frontier DynaCoat

The DynaCoat

See live coating demonstrations on the Frontier DynaCoat. This completely self-contained coating and drying system sets the industry standard for coating process optimization. This demonstration will feature slot die coating to precise thicknesses and dried and wound with servomotor control. From lab scale to full production, Frontier can help you develop the best coating and drying equipment for your application.

Frontier’s coating technologies include slot die, patch and pattern coating, gravure, direct/offset coating, mayer rod, knife-over-roll, comma coating, screen printing and extrusion. Our drying ovens are engineered for the drying and curing of VOC solvent, aqueous, and thermally cured solvent-less coatings. Frontier representatives will be available to discuss your product requirements and the capabilities of our equipment offerings.

Complex Converting Demonstration
Delta ModTech Crusader Converter

The Delta ModTech Crusader

Over 30 years ago Delta ModTech designed the Crusader Converter from the ground up to be the most flexible and precise die cutting machine on the market. This first-of-its-kind converter continues to be the industry leading narrow web die cutting platform. On the Crusader® Converter we will be converting a complex multi-layer part.The system will feature a variety of processes including closed loop rotary die cutting, precise part placement, vision inspection and multi-layer lamination. This unique system is designed to offer precision parts while minimizing waste of expensive materials. Other Delta ModTech systems may include capabilities such as semi-rotary, full rotary and laser die cutting.

Visit us in booth 911, engineers will be on site to confidentially discuss your specific application requirements and help you develop a total solution. Frontier systems are custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.  If you would like to make an appointment, please call +1 800-279-3358 or fill out the form below.

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