August 23rd, 2017

PharmaEd – Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery Systems

Scott Zwierlein, Coating Engineer at Frontier LLC will be presenting “Advancements in Coating of Adhesives for Transdermal Drug Delivery” on September 28-29, Racquet Club of Philadelphia, PA.

Advanced Design, Development, and Delivery of Skin-Mediated Therapies and Vaccines

September 28-29, Racquet Club of Philadelphia, PA

The growing interest in alternative routes of drug administration has experts predicting that the market for transdermal and intradermal drug delivery systems will exceed $25 billion in 2018. The industry is on the threshold of bringing into commercial production a new generation of transformative TDD and IDD therapies and delivery systems. That is why you cannot afford to miss this two-day intensive conference. Pharma Ed brings together leading researchers in the field to share the most recent advances in the design, formulation, and delivery of skin-mediated therapies and vaccines.

Featured Speakers:

  • Bobby Singh, Corium — Keynote Presentation
  • Lisa Dick, 3M Drug Delivery Systems
  • Samir Mitragotri, UC Santa Barbara
  • Ryan Donnelly, Queens University
  • Thean Yeoh, Pfizer
  • Mikolaj Milewski, Merck

With Comprehensive Coverage on:

• Improving Bioavailability Via Transdermal Administration
• Latest Advances in Microneedle Drug and Vaccine Delivery
• How to Move from Passive to Active Skin-Mediated Delivery Technologies for Drugs and Biologics
• Optimizing TDD & IDD for Efficacious Delivery and Patient Compliance
• Computational Modeling of Transdermal and Intradermal Delivery
• Resolving Regulatory Compliance Issues for TDD & IDD Systems
• Mechanisms of Dermal and Transdermal Absorption of Drugs
• IVPT and IVRT of Transdermal and Topical Products
• Exploring the Promise of Ionic Liquids for Transdermal Applications
• And much more!

Advancements in Coating of Adhesives for Transdermal Drug Delivery – Scott Zwierlein, Coating Engineer, Frontier LLC

The quality and function demanded of Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems is becoming ever more stringent, both from government requirements and end users. Because of these increasing demands the application or coating of the transdermal adhesive has had to improve. The application of the adhesive to the liner must be done cleanly and accurately. With the high cost of active ingredients, it is also imperative that waste be minimized so that the manufacturer can stay competitive in the marketplace.

Our presentation will discuss the advancements in the coating of the Transdermal Drug Delivery Adhesives by comparing older, traditional methods such as roll and comma coating with new, alternative methods like slot-die coating. We will also discuss techniques for minimizing yield losses and scrap throughout the coating and converting process. Some topics include Skip Coating, precision die cutting, on-line thickness measurement and inspection.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your application needs and help you develop a unique manufacturing solution. If you would like to make an appointment in advance please give us a call at (570) 265-0769 or contact us here.

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