Webflight™ Slot Die Technology

Micro-Control Slot Die Coating Technology

WebFlight™ coating technology is a contact-less method of applying adhesive coating solutions to web materials by modifying the micro-environment where the adhesive coating solution and web meet.



  • Coat Only the Desired Thickness
  • No Open Pans
  • No Solvent Loss
  • Adjustable for Different Solids
  • Adjustable for Different Viscosities
  • Adjustable for Different Substrates
  • No Roller Changes
  • 20-Minute or Less Changeover Time
  • Simple Cleanup
  • Side Streaming – Adds Colors and Chemicals at Die
  • Lane Coating – Coats Stripe Patterns, Multiple Products, and Patch Coating
  • Multi-Layer Coating – Apply Coating Layers Simultaneously. For Example: add an Oxygen Barrier or add a Protective Top Layer for scratch resistance.

With WebFlight you can:

  • Reduce Product Defects
  • Increase Production Yields
  • Increase Machine Throughput Rates
  • Increase Product Value
  • Increase Return on Capital Investment
  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Reduce Materials Consumption
  • Reduce Solvent Use
  • Reduce Changeover Time
  • Reduce Time Dependency Problems
  • Reduce Emissions Control Expense

What is Webflight?

Micro-Environment Control

By precisely matching process variables, such as flow rate, line speed, and vacuum pressure with coating fluid and web substrate properties such as viscosity, surface tension, and surface energy, WebFlight systems enable maximum coating productivity.

Fluid Isolation

By isolating the coating fluid from the surrounding atmosphere, rheological characteristics remain constant throughout the run, which means fewer adjustments to all other process variables. In addition, emissions of VOC’s are minimized and easily vented.

Atmospheric Pressure Control

Reduction of the atmospheric pressure in the vacuum chamber creates a low-pressure fluid eddy on the upstream side of the applicator opening, which serves two purposes. First, it primes the web with coating fluid ahead of the die slot, effectively enlarging the fluid stream, thereby facilitating adhesive and cohesive bonding to the substrate. Second, it acts as an air dam, diverting residual boundary layer air away from the injection point and into the vacuum chamber.


Coating Process Optimization

WebFlight technology’s precision controls facilitate extreme uniformity of fluid deposition, higher line speeds, less down time, less solvent usage and greater throughput for virtually any combination of web materials and coating fluids.

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